Friday, July 11, 2008

Pictures from the 4th

Sorry, sorry sorry! I know, I promised new pics over a week ago! Oops.

Ryan and I weren't sure how Julianna would react to the the fireworks, so we just bought a couple of fountainy fireworks and stayed home. Our neighbors put on quite a show though. It was hard to tell if she actually liked the fireworks, just tolerated them, or was scared in to a state of shock. She didn't cry, but I can't say that she did a lot of smiling and laughing either. After the fireworks were over, she did make the sign for "more", so I guess that's a good sign (really, no pun intended)??? Well, without further ado:

Sparkler with mama.

Daddy looks like he's having fun...

As Ryan called this picture "Run for your lives!"

Watching the show with Daddy. So cute.

Her hands are saying more, but her face is telling a different story! Hee!

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