Monday, March 31, 2008

March 31, 2008

Not much new or exciting going on since last post. Have been watching as much Basketball as possible and have been going through withdrawls today as is the first day that I haven't seen atleast 2 games since Thursday. I have pleased with or indifferent to the outcomes of most games except the Kansas/Davidson game yesterday. I thought I alone could will the last shot in, but alas, it did not fall. Oh well. Atleast I will not have to feel guilty about wanting Carolina to stomp Kansas. Other than that, Julianna and I met mom (Grammy) at an outdoor shopping area one day as the weather was LOVELY (almost 80!)! And after a small meltdown in first store we went into, Julianna had a GREAT time walking around outside. On Friday (Ryan's day off), Ryan took Julianna out on some errands and then over to the park. I was thrilled to have some time to myself and planned to have a morning of crosswords and uninterupted bathing. But was so lost without J and wanted to spend time together as whole family, I ended up meeting Ryan and J over at the park. I know, I am SOOO pathetic! The park is only a mile or so from the house, so maybe a little less pathetic than you might be thinking??? Hee.

Here are some pics:

Shopping trip on LOVELY day!

i cannot fight the compulsion to add that Daddy both dressed (undershirt as outerwear) Julianna and did her hair (not bad!!!) for the park. Hee.

She looks like such a BIG GIRL!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We had a really nice Easter. The Easter bunny was VERY generous to the little girl (Thanks Grammy and Grandmama!) but forgot her mommy and daddy entirely. Luckily, Julianna is a great sharer :) We went up to my parents house and then went to their country club for a really lovely brunch. Julianna was super sweet and really good tempered for having a big morning and then being out and about long after her normal nap time. When we got back J took a REALLY long nap and gave me the greatest Easter present of all - being able to watch the GREAT Basketball games all day long. Go Heels!!! Did you see the Davidson game?? What a great game to watch. And don't you just want to adopt little Stephen Curry and take him home (he looks 12 at the most)? We also had a little Easter egg hunt at Grammy's. I have to say it was a pretty big bust. She was MUCH more interested in taking the eggs out of the basket than finding them and putting them in. Still cute and lots of fun. Anyway, here are several pictures from the day:

Now I must admit that it was me that put her in her pj's and crocs (and sweater) this time, but atleast she matches when I do it :) See here

With Uncle Joe.

Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures

And just when you congratulated me on not overloading the blog with a million pictures Katy! Hee. Just wanted to post a ton of super cute pics from the week that I didn't get posted before Easter. We had a nice week with fairly warm weather and we spent a good part of each day outside. We also went back to the play area (aka Baby Thunderdome or Germ Petri Dish) in the mall this week. Julianna had a blast. She was SO cute and is really able to crawl up on and over some of the things now. She also loves the other kids. SO CUTE!!!

*Note: was hoping to get Easter pics up also, but J woke up from her nap and I ran out of time. Hopefully I will get them up tonight or tomorrow at the latest.*

My favorite picture of the week! So stinkin' cute!!

"Hey Buster, Don't you want this ball?"

"Woof" Translation - "No but I'll take that stick, thank you very much!"

"Come on out Kitty!" Julianna hasn't yet figured out that pulling tails and ears is not exactly the best way to make friends with her beloved cats.

Sweet bathtub pic

Wild-eyed bathtub pic

Sweet girl snuggling with bunny and blankey after bath.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter!

A couple of pics from Easter last year. Oh what a CUTE, CUTE little bunny!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Few More Backyard Pics

The warmish weather has allowed us to be outside quite a bit more lately, which J and I both love. Just dropping off a couple of pictures I took today in the backyard.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Trip to Mt. Vernon

Last Tuesday afternoon, my mom, Julianna, and I packed up her little Volkswagen bug and started on our way to visit my Grandpa in Mt. Vernon, Ohio for his 93rd birthday. We broke the 9 hour trip up thinking that Julianna would sleep a good portion of it if we left in the evening. She did NOT. She stayed awake until 5 minutes before we stopped for the night at 11pm. We had less than 3 hours left of the trip on Wednesday though, and that was nice. We had nice time and it was good to see my Grandpa (a VERY young 93!), my aunts and uncle. Julianna was a little off her game as her regular feeding and sleep schedules had pretty much been thrown out the window. She was still very cute and very sweet for the most part. She did have a couple of meltdowns though, which is really unlike her. I was also pretty much in pain with a TERRIBLE toothache the whole trip. The pain started as we went up the mountains in West Virginia (the tooth had already been sensitive, but not painful), and the dentist seemed to think that the change in altitude could have caused the pain explosion that I was never able to get under control there after. I was barely maintaining sanity for the first couple of days and then on Thursday morning I thought if I didn't see a dentist I was going to loose my mind. I went to a dentist there and he did the first part of a root canal (which I will have to have finished here on Wednesday). It did help considerably, but I was still pretty uncomfortable. I wish that I had felt better and could have enjoyed the trip a bit more. I also only got my camera out once, which is COMPLETELY unlike me. I got a couple shots, but now I am disappointed that I didn't get more. Anyway, here are a couple of pics from the trip and a couple of cute ones that I took yesterday.

Grandpa, Julianna, and I

A rare sucker treat

Grammy sure is fun!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Did I mention that J LOVES sticks?!

She reminds me of Buster when he was a pup, always going around trying to pick up the biggest, heaviest stick. Too cute. I do worry that she is going to fall down and impale herself, poke out her eye, etc. But I try to stay on top of her, make sure she doesn't get going too fast, and hope for the best. Really I try to make her sit to play with them, but that is getting harder and harder to enforce. She wants to GO GO GO!

Friday, March 7, 2008

March 7, 2008

I wanted to start by saying congratulations to one of my very dearest, bestest friends in the world. Katy had her third baby on Wednesday. Welcome to the world Ansley Kate! I am just SO thrilled for you, Kyrikakis Family! I love you all so very much. WOOOHOOO!!

I also wanted to drop off a few pictures of the girl. It was incredibly beautiful yesterday - mid-high 60's and sunny - and we played outside quite a bit. Today it was COLD AND RAINY and left me really yearning for Spring. I know that I shouldn't complain as we have had a VERY mild winter, but I am tired of coats and undershirts and socks and worrying about the flu. I can't remember, did ol' Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow this year? Ok, enough complaining. Here are the pics:

J LOVES sticks. She is always looking for the perfect one. It is very rare when she doesn't have one in her hand when outdoors.

She also loves picking the Nandina berries.