Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Just dropping off a few pics :)

We found these bunny ears in J's closet the other day and had a great time with them.

She is looking at Mimi (Julianna changed Grammy's name to Mimi, by the way) in this pic.

I know it is overexposed (and I have no idea how to fix), but I still think it is too cute.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Garden Pics

As we do every year, we have a really nice sized garden this summer. I use the word "we" very loosely here, by the way. Really, I do some harvesting (and cooking and eating!), but Ryan is the one with the green thumb. Our garden has done quite well this summer and we are really reaping (no pun intended) the rewards. The tomatoes (my garden favorite) and peppers are really coming on like gangbusters right now and we have had more cucumbers and green beans than we can eat. The borers (is that right, Ryan?) got most of our squash but not before we had very tasty squash with several meals. There really is something very satisfying about garden harvesting and if it weren't for the darn mosquitoes I would enjoy it quite a bit more. I know that they say that it would upset the balance of the universe or something if mosquitoes were to become extinct, but at this point I think that I am willing to take my chances! I swear I feel like we are living on some Survivor Island (the Survivor contestants are ALWAYS covered in the nastiest looking bug bites)! I hope that there aren't any mosquitoes reading this blog, because I know that they will be devestated to learn that their unrestrained love for me is not returned.

J calls tomatoes and every other round fruit "bupples" (apples).

Wandering between the rows of beans and cucumbers.

The most delicious (and gigantic) of all of the varieties of tomatoes in our garden. This year we have Heirlooms, I think they are called German Queens (pictured), some sort of beefsteak, a couple of Better Boys, and some sort of Cherries (I think they are called Sweet 100's).

Instead of posing for this picture like a good little girl, Jules threw this tomato and Ryan just barely caught it. She thought it was hilarious!

Her naughty mischief continues - She grabbed an unripe tomato from the vine and made a run for it! By the way, I tried to lighten/brighten this pic up with horrible results. Does anyone have any suggestions?

So cute!

In the melon patch.

Friday, August 8, 2008

August 8, 2008

I know, I know.... Just dropping off a few pics and will try to give an actual update in the next few days (not weeks, I promise!).

I do want to tell one cute little story before I forget. While I ran to the bathroom I left J watching Noggin (a station for preschool age kids) on t.v. When I came out I heard her alternating between snorting and mooing. I went in to find a little song about farm animals on tube. Every time a pig came on the screen she snorted and every time a cow came on she mooed. It was just SOO cute and completely unprompted. By the way, her little pig snort is just about the cutest thing EVER! She really wrinkles up her little nose. And, I guess because we laugh and carry on every time she does it, she snorts EVERY time she sees a pig or even hears the word "pig". What a hoot! She is such a little show off!

On a walk at another county park.

Worn out after our long walk.

J loved these sunglasses! About 5 seconds after this pic was taken they flew off her head. We tried to fish them out of the lake, but with no luck. I think they were freebees from somewhere or another, but she was very upset nonetheless.