Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 31, 2008

Just wanted to drop off several cute pics from the last few days.


Playing with the hose on the deck this evening.

Notice the new gate over the staircase. I have been wanting one desperately since J could walk. It is a fairly high staircase with a landing of flagstone, and she goes straight for it every time we go out to the deck. Anyway, it was my birthday present from Grammy and Poppy this year. It is so nice to finally be able to SIT out on the deck without constantly chasing her away from the staircase to avoid a nasty fall. Yippee!

Cute, cute cute!

Sharing goldfish with daddy on the couch. As J says "ISH!"

Such a sweet pic. J had just fallen up the step.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy Week

Sorry to leave everyone hanging for so long. We have had a really busy week. In addition to my sister coming into town from Wisconsin, it was my dad's and my birthday this week. We also had the chance to spend Memorial Day out on Lake Wylie with our good friends (pics in the below post). Here are several pics from this week!

*This is the 3rd post of the evening. Be sure to see the 2 below posts.

Just a cute pic daddy took while feeding her.

Baby Thunderdome with Grammy and Aunt Steph (and mommy of course).

Grammy and Auntie are such fun!

We went to a shopping area that had a fountain that all the kids play in. I didn't bring her bathing suit, but that didn't stop our water baby from getting at it!

Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day with our good friends the Bancrofts. We spent the morning on their pontoon boat and just had the greatest time. We anchored off (is that correct boat terminology?? Probably not...) at a little sandbar where the water came just up to Julianna's waist. She was SOOO excited and just played in the water for a couple of hours. There were several other kids there, though she was the youngest, and she really showed off for them. It was too cute and we all had a blast!

What a cutie!!! Love this pic!

J and Auntie Weezie

How Time Flies!

I found a picture from the last time we went out on Bill and Louise's boat. I think that it is probably pretty close to a year ago, give or take a month. She is wearing the same life jacket in both pictures. It is just nuts for me to see how much she changed since last summer! Life is just moving so darn fast!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Pics

After our pretty full week last week (i.e. visiting with Nana and the zoo outing), J and I have done very little of anything this week. We really haven't gotten in our car since Thursday of last week!!! That has to be a record! So anyway, I just have a couple of pics from around the house. Nothing too exciting, but my subject is always so darn precious no matter where we are. I know, spoken like a true mama...
Oh, and I also have the most darling video to post if I EVER find the time to upload the thing to Google video.

Just too stinkin' cute!

She put this plate on her head on her own! It did fall off before I could take the picture, so I put it back up there, but the idea was all her own!

Is this not the cutest picture? Is it just me, or does she look 3 years old?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Few Cute Pics

Just dropping off a couple of pictures from the past couple of days. In the first few pictures Julianna is coloring. She literally spent over 30 minutes coloring yesterday. I couldn't believe her attention span. And she really did just color on the paper. When I grew a bit bored of it and tried to redirect her, she cried and pitched a big ole fit. I was really rather amazed at how long it was fun for her.

To entertain myself, I started ducking down behind the counter and then jumped up and yelled "boo". She thought it was too funny!

Just a couple of sandbox pics.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

At the Zoo

Ryan, Julianna, and I went to the Columbia, SC Zoo on Monday. We had the best time and Julianna had a blast. She is really at such a fun age right now. It was so neat to watch her really put together the real animal with the animals in her books. She LOVED the giraffes! But I must say that she really loved the petting zoo animals the most. She wasn't the least bit afraid of feeding the goats, and believe me, they are QUITE aggressive. I guess she has had lots of practice with our dogs who act alot like those goats! Julianna was a real trooper all day and didn't cry once. We took over 200 pics. Most of them weren't so great, but we did get several good ones. I put some of the decent ones in a slideshow. Notice that in several of the pictures she is carrying around a stick. The zoo had great sticks! Hee. Also, I think that you can mute the song if it starts to drive you crazy after hearing it once or twice.

*5/14/08 - After watching the slideshow through, I realized that this picture was cropped by the slideshow program. I just LOVE it. We were in the petting zoo area and they were playing some square dance type music over the loud speaker. She was so excited about the animals and she started to really dance and laugh and turn around in circles all at the same time. SOOOOOOO CUTE!