Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pics from the Lake

Just some super cute pics from my parents and then at a little deli off the lake. In case you wondering, she is wearing a t-shirt over her swim suit in most of them.

She loves stealing shells out of this glass fish!

She is a total tease handing Grammy these pillows. This child lets no one rest while she is awake. BUSY, BUSY BUSY!

Too funny. She was chasing the cat, while Dozer was hot on her tail.

Fish Face

A rare pic of the 2 of us.

"Is that you Poppy?"

Snuggling with Grammy

Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26, 2008

Julianna is just so much fun these days and she is really taking off as far as talking goes. She repeats tons of words now. She is obsessed with squirrels ("girls") these days and goes around saying it all the time. I actually went to both Target and Walmart today to see if I could find her a stuffed squirrel, with no luck. Anyone know where I can find a stuffed squirrel?

I also have to tell the sweetest story. Last night J woke up in the middle of the night and I brought her back to the bed with me where she fell right to sleep. She is a WILD sleeper and I was having trouble getting back to sleep myself. At one point she woke up and saw that she was lying next to me. She got the biggest smile, patted my arm a couple of times and said "mama". She then rolled over and went back to sleep. SOOO sweet. I could have cried.

Anyway, here are just a couple of pics from the past few days. By the way, the skirt that my 18 month old daughter has on in the last one is a size 3-6 months! That kid is just TINY!

Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23, 2008

Just wanted to drop off a few pics from our boat ride on Sunday.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Half Birthday Sweet Pea!!

J is 18 months old today. I CAN'T believe how VERY, VERY fast the last year and a half have flown by. Of course, at the same time, it is hard to remember a time without her in my life. She is at such a FUN age right now. She is really such an easy going, super sweet, incredibly affectionate kid. She has an occasional meltdown, but 90+% of the time, she really is sunshine and light. She talks CONSTANTLY (though we rarely know what in the world she is saying), and laughs easily. Sometimes I just want to squeeze and squeeze her! And my goodness, does she ever keep us laughing. She is a MESS!!!

Pics from this week:

Swimming at Grammy and Poppy's neighborhood pool. She LOVED it! She would have flung herself right in the water several times over if we hadn't stopped her.

Making something yummy on Grammy's kitchen floor (and looking VERY serious about it).

Her expression is just so cute in this one. She had just hit her head on the balusters and was laughing and rubbing her head. Hee!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008

Oh me, oh my, it has been SO hot! It has been in the upper 90's almost every day this past week. We have pretty much had to be either in the water or in the house. We did go out on my parents' boat on Saturday (steph's birthday) with my whole family. We also returned to the splashground this morning. There were several other babies right around J's age and they really did have a good time together - when they weren't ripping toys out of each other's hands. Hee! We also set up a sprinkler in the back yard the other day, but J wasn't too keen on it. I'm not sure why she likes the splash grounds and not a sprinkler at home. Who knows?


Friday, June 6, 2008

June 6, 2008

Yesterday Julianna and I met Grammy and Aunt Stephanie over at a county park that has a new, and really nice "Splashground". It is an area that is full of fountains that shoot water up from the ground. It was so great because it had a HUGE tent over the top so that the kids (and parents) aren't standing/playing in the blazing sun. And though there were a lot of kids, it didn't feel over-crowded at all and the big kids were really considerate and in most cases down right sweet to the little ones. I was really thrilled with it and Julianna had a really great time - though she was a little thief, trying to steal everyone else's toys. I have a feeling we will be spending quite a bit of time there this summer.

Oh, and I meant to tell the funniest story last post. Julianna was in her highchair eating dinner the other night and Ryan asked her who was the greatest, mama or dada? Then we both started in, I saying "mama" and Ryan saying "dada", back and forth several times. Julianna didn't say anything for the longest time, then looked us right in the eyes and said "kitty-kitty". We just died. I think Ryan and I definitely got our just desserts!

I also have to say that tomorrow, June 7th, is a big day for so many people that are very important to us. Happy Birthday Stephanie! Happy Birthday Andy! Happy Anniversary Richard and Alina! We love you all!! It is also Ryan's late paternal grandfather's (Granddaddy Fox) birthday. Wow, what a day!

Here are a few pics from yesterday. Almost all of them have a decidedly blue cast because of the big blue awning over the fountains.

NOT J's cup!

NOT J's ball!

NOT J's wagon! Hee!